James K. Baker

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James K. Baker
Fields speech recognition
Institutions Dragon Systems
Alma mater Princeton University
Thesis Stochastic Modeling as a Means of Automatic Speech Recognition (1975)
Doctoral advisor Raj Reddy
Known for Dragon Systems

James K. Baker and his wife Janet Baker are the co-founders of Dragon Systems. Together they are credited with creation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.[1][2]

James Baker is an expert in speech recognition technology and a Distinguished Career Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

In June 2007, Baker was appointed Director of Research at the new Human Language Technology Center of Excellence at the Johns Hopkins University.[2][3]

He recently coauthored a historical review on speech recognition with Xuedong Huang and Raj Reddy for CACM .[4]

Baker is a member of the United States National Academy of Engineering.


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