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James Kazama (丘占輝 (Chinese), カザマ ジェイムス (Japanese), also A.K.A. 占士•卡查馬 as a Contemporary Calligraphy Artist, was born on 19th June. Kazama is a Hong Kong/Thai actor (Movies and Televisions), a dubbing artist, an international fashion model, contemporary artist (Calligraphy, Installation Art) and a pop-rock vocalist. Kazama also is a CEO of a up-coming Digital Coin (Crypto-Currency). Kazama speaks English, French, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, Mandarin, Spanish, German and Chaozhou.

Early life[edit]

Kazama was born on 19 June in Hong Kong, the son of a Land-Developer Father and a Garment Factory Director Mother. Kazama grew up both in Hong Kong and Bangkok. He is former vocal in a pop-rock cover band Hotfever.

Asiatic professional career[edit]

In 1996, Kazama's voice potential is discovered by Lo Hung, a well known Dubbing Artist in Hong Kong, via the presentation by his sister Bonny, a former dubbing artist in Hong Kong. Years later, Kazama voiced in many well known Asian movies, TV series and Animations included the most well known fictional character Dr. Zoidberg in Futurama (Cantonese version).

Kazama began his performance life from theatre since 1997. He spent years in theatre in Hong Kong.

In 1999, Kazama entered the semi-final of Karaokai singing contest in Thailand.

In 2001, Kazama's theatre group Drama2 破簡坊 first performance with the play “Come Try Again!” 來Try Again!, and Kazama as the leading role “Ah-Sai” 阿細. Each show had a full house and additional seats have been added because of the strongly request from the public, meanwhile have been received high comments from public in Hong Kong. Later of the year, Kazama was invited by Home Theatre Home 劇場休舔間 to join the play Man Murdered Nature Murdered Man 人謀殺自然謀殺人 directed by Mike Chow, this play have won the Outstanding Team Play Award and Outstanding Director Award in Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies 2001, he performed as “Multiple Vision's Informer” & “Villager”.

In 2001, Kazama was invited to stars as “Man” in a documentary “Sexual Harassment Awareness” for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Kazama is also an Asian & Creative Chef. In 2002, La Fu, a private restaurant opened by Kazama and his allies in Hong Kong. Kazama was the main chef, the restaurant received high recommendation on the creative also traditional gourmets by Kazama.

Life in Europe[edit]

In 2004, Kazama left his materialism life, under the Non-French speaking condition arrived Montpellier, a city of southern France. Few months later he has been relocated in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

In 2005, Kazama began his French language courses, he also joined a Non-Profit Organization "Nativitas" in Brussels, during the period he took the role of main chef in their social restaurant, he provided the warm welcomes and creative’s meal to people who has difficulties of living, he gives comment to local interviews: "No matter rich people or poor people, they all have right to have the warm and delicious meal!"

In 2008, Kazama been invited by a young Belgian Film Director Xavier Nellens for the casting of a Belgian feature Gloria Jesus and he won the role of Pastor Chang, and because of Kazama’s outstanding performance, the character become richer, Kazama even gained Pastor Chang an extra background in the film. Later years, he has been traveled to different countries for the location shootings of the Gloria Jesus as Pastor Chang also as an Assistant Director. Same year, Kazama established his first abstract painting calligraphy exhibition in Brussels with his new serie of Lights and Shadows, his paintings received high comments from the public from around Europe. Kazama appeared in Valencia the city of Horchata in Spain, appeared in productions of his Spanish Brother Oscar Corrons, NOPfilms.

In 2009, Kazama been invited to exhibited his contemporary calligraphies and installation art on ETNIK'Art in a Belgian eastern city Liège. His paintings once again received high comments from the public, and his Scream of Time had been chosen to posted on the Liège City Blog as the cover picture of this Exhibition. Same year, Kazama been invited to star as an aggressive Zen master for RTBF (Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française), and appeared in a variety show J’ai Pigé.

In 2010, Kazama appeared in the fashion show of a Belgian popular fashion brand Bellrose in Antwerp a city of northern Belgium, also as one of the leading model for their catalogue in 2010. Same year, Kazama been invited by a Belgian Film Director Toon Aerts to be a guest star in Music video Beyond Repair by The Sore Losers .

In 2011, Kazama appeared in the 2nd season of a Belgian fiction "À tort ou à raison" on RTBF (Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française).

In 2011, Kazama appeared in a Belgian feature L'envahisseur (English Title: The Invacer) as Liong Bing the passionate artist. This film has won Georges Delerue Prize and Special Mention also been nominated for Grand Prix in Ghent International Film Festival 2011.

In 2012, Kazama starred in a Crime | Thriller Le Jour Attendra (Original French title) Paris Countdown (International title) directed by Edgar Marie, with Jacques Gamblin, Olivier Marchal, Rada Kateb, Carlo Brandt.

In 2013, Kazama was invited to participate in a Street Art project "Piano en ville" which was hosted by La Commune Saint-Gilles Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. Kazama created an installation artwork called "Golden Baby" which received great compliments from the City of Brussels and the public.

Another dimension of Kazama[edit]

Kazama is not only the charm under the spotlights, he has gained many success in different professionals outside the entertainment industry, but Kazama is being hyper discreet on his glory on another side of his life, he barely talks about his business with people from the blink blink industry. "Being an actor and model is the beloved hobby for my lifetime, it has nothing to do with my business identity, I do not like to merge two different world into one!" Kazama insists his both worlds should not be combined into one in order to keeps the harmony fly freely on both side. "I do not want to merged my acting career and my financial business together, I will absolutely keeps them in different dimension, just be clear, be fair and be correct, no chaos no failure!" says Kazama. Kazama ran a catering business in Europe, he have received very high compliments from Europe and Asia; magazines in both continents gives high recommended on him.

Kazama helped develop financial strategic for the Technology & Strategic companies in Thailand as a Development Director. Kazama is talented on business development, he was the "Digital Currency Issue, Calculation & Development Manager" for one of the leading Bank in Thailand, and he was a director for "Digital Currency Issue, Calculation & Development" for a major communication company in Thailand too.

Kazama is a CEO of a new Crypto-Currency which will be launched on the financial market by the fourth season of 2017,which is a brand new digital currency, it will become one of the major universal currency through (at least) 66 countries on One Belt and One Road.

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