James Lee (Malaysian film director)

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James Lee
Born Lee Thim Heng
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Occupation Film director

James Lee, is a Malaysian Chinese film director. He was born Lee Thim Heng (Chinese: 李添兴) in 1973 in the city of Ipoh in Perak. He is one of the pioneers of the Malaysian Digital Film movement. His film The Beautiful Washing Machine won the Best Asean Feature Award and FIPRESCI Prize at the Bangkok International Film Festival 2005. Besides directing, he had also produced the early films of other Malaysian filmmakers, namely, Amir Muhammad and Ho Yuhang, under his production house, Doghouse73 Pictures.




  • Snipers (2001)
  • Ah Beng Returns (2001)
  • Room to Let (2002)
  • The Beautiful Washing Machine (2004)
  • Before We Fall in Love Again (2006)
  • Things We Do When We Fall in Love (2007)
  • Waiting For Love
  • Breathing In Mud
  • Hysteria(2008)


  • Sunflowers (2000)
  • Emu Kwan’s Tragic Breakfast (2002)
  • Teatime with John (2003)
  • Good-bye (2003)
  • Goodbye to Love (2004)
  • Ah Yu’s Story (1999)
  • A Moment of Love (2005)
  • Bernafas Dalam Lumpur (2005)
  • Sometimes Love is Beautiful (2005)



Short Films:

  • South of South / 2005 / Tan Chui Mui
  • Company of Mushroom / 2006 / Tan Chui Mui

Director of Photography[edit]

Drama Series Age of Glory(2008)

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