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James Likoudis is a Roman Catholic author and former lecturer in religious studies.[1]


In 1977 Likoudis's translation of Renée Casin's St. Thomas Aquinas: Orthodoxy, and Neo-Modernism in the Church from French to English was published.[2] Likoudis also has authored several books dealing with sex education, the Orthodox Church and its teachings, liturgical issues and controversies following the Second Vatican Council, and articles and commentary about prominent Roman Catholics.

Likoudis co-authored The Pope, the Council and the Mass (Christopher Publishing House), a defense of Pope Paul VI's Ordo Missae and the liturgical reforms envisaged by Vatican II. L'Osservatore Romano noted in 1981, "This book has been sorely needed for well over a decade." It was republished in 2006.

A convert to Roman Catholicism in 1952 from Eastern Orthodoxy,[3] the Christian faith into which he was baptized,[4] Likoudis has since devoted a great deal of his apologetical and polemical efforts to foster reunion and submission of the Orthodox Churches to the See of Rome and the Papacy. Likoudis' book Ending the Byzantine Greek Schism (2nd revised edition, 1992) aims to answer historical criticisms as well as theological objections raised by apologists for Orthodox Christianity.

Likoudis' latest work is The Divine Primacy of the Bishop of Rome and Modern Eastern Orthodoxy: Letters to a Greek Orthodox on the Unity of the Church, in which he refutes the objections of Orthodox and Protestant critics to modern Roman Papal claims. In Likoudis' essay, To be Truly Orthodox is to be in Communion with Peter's See (1988), he gives an account of his personal journey from Greek Byzantine Rite Orthodoxy to Latin Rite Roman Catholicism.

Likoudis has lectured extensively throughout the English-speaking world on issues affecting education, family life, and the role of the laity in the Roman Catholic Church. Likoudis has also written for The Wanderer (see below).


James Likoudis is the 2002 recipient of the Blessed Frederick Ozanam Award for Catholic Social Action, which was presented at the October 18, 2002 annual meeting of the Society for Catholic Social Scientists.


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