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James Lovegrove at Salon du livre 2008 (Paris, France)
James Lovegrove at Salon du livre 2008 (Paris, France)
BornJames Matthew Henry Lovegrove
(1965-12-24) 24 December 1965 (age 58)[1]
Lewes, East Sussex
Pen nameJay Amory
EducationRadley College
Alma materUniversity of Oxford
GenreSpeculative fiction
SubjectScience fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, Young adult fiction
Notable worksPantheon series
Notable awardsSeiun Award

James M. H. Lovegrove (born 1965) is a British writer of speculative fiction.

Early life[edit]

Lovegrove was educated at Radley College, Oxfordshire, and was one of the subjects of a 1979 BBC television series, Public School. A follow-up programme was broadcast on 27 October 2013, in which Lovegrove talked about his experiences of attending the school and about public school education in general. He later studied English literature at St Catherine's College, Oxford.[2]


Lovegrove's first novel was The Hope, published by Macmillan in 1990. He was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1998 for his novel Days and for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 2004 for his novel Untied Kingdom.[3] His short story "Carry The Moon in My Pocket" won the 2011 Seiun Award in Japan for Best Foreign Language Short Story.[4]

Lovegrove has written young adult fiction, most notably a series of fantasy novels, The Clouded World, under a pseudonym (Jay Amory). These have been translated into nine languages so far. He has also written a number of short novels published by Barrington Stoke, a company specialising in books for reluctant readers. Two of his titles for that company have been longlisted for the Manchester Book Award.

His recent Pantheon series is a set of standalone military science fiction adventure novels featuring the gods of ancient mythologies. Seven have been published so far: The Age of Ra, The Age of Zeus, The Age of Odin (a New York Times best seller), The Age of Aztec, Age of Voodoo, Age of Shiva, Age of Heroes and Age of Legends. In 2013, Lovegrove published an omnibus collecting three Pantheon novellas, entitled The Age of Godpunk.[5]

As an illustrator, Lovegrove has executed design and poster work for Flying Pig Systems, makers of the Wholehog range of lighting control products, and drew the pictures for the Echo Beach line of postcards and T-shirts.[6]

He has contributed reviews and journalism to magazines such as The Literary Review, Interzone, BBC MindGames Magazine and Comic Heroes,[7][8][9] and has set cryptic crosswords to the weekend section of The Independent. Starting in 2007, he became a regular reviewer of fiction for the Financial Times, concentrating primarily on SF and children's fiction.

Since 2013 Lovegrove has begun publishing Sherlock Holmes pastiche novels for Titan Books, including a mash-up trilogy, Cthulhu Casebooks, that crosses over the literary worlds of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft.[10]

From 2018 he has also written Firefly novels for Titan Books.[11] His first Firefly novel Big Damn Hero was nominated for the 2019 Dragon Award for Best Media Tie-In Novel and his third (The Ghost Machine) won the 2020 award in the same category.[12] His second Firefly novel The Magnificent Nine was nominated for a 2020 Scribe Award (awarded by the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers) in the category Original Novel Speculative and his third Firefly novel The Ghost Machine was nominated for a 2021 Scribe Award in the same category.[13]



  • The Hope, Macmillan 1990, ISBN 0-333-51214-6
  • Days, Gollancz 1997, ISBN 0-7538-0228-7
  • Escardy Gap (with Peter Crowther), Earthlight/Tor 1998 ISBN 9780312862107
  • The Foreigners, Gollancz 2000, ISBN 0-575-06894-9
  • Untied Kingdom, Gollancz 2003, ISBN 0-575-07385-3
  • Worldstorm, Gollancz 2004, ISBN 0-575-07656-9
  • Provender Gleed, Gollancz 2005, ISBN 0-575-07683-6
  • Better Life, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014, ISBN 150560933X
  • The James Lovegrove Collection, Volume #1, REBCA, 2014, ISBN 1781082669


The Dev Harmer Missions[edit]

The Pantheon Series[edit]

Sherlock Holmes pastiches[edit]

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes[edit]

The Cthulhu Casebooks[edit]

Sherlock Holmes Short Fiction[edit]

  • The Fallen Financier, in George Mann (ed.), Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, Titan Books, 2013, ISBN 1781160031
  • The Innocent Icarus, in David Thomas Moore (ed.), Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, Abaddon, 2014, ISBN 1781082219
  • Pure Swank, in George Mann (ed.), Associates of Sherlock Holmes, Titan Books, 2016, ISBN 1783299304
  • The Noble Burglar, in George Mann (ed.), Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes, Titan Books, 2017, ISBN 9781783299324
  • The Adventure of the Deadly Séance, in Martin Rosenstock (ed.), Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Seven, Titan Books, 2019, ISBN 1785659030
  • The Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes (collection of 12 short stories), Titan Books, 2020, ISBN 978-1789092004


The Clouded World Series[edit]

(writing as Jay Amory)

Children's books[edit]

The 5 Lords of Pain[edit]

  • The 5 Lords of Pain 1: The Lord of the Mountain, Barrington Stoke, 2010, ISBN 1842997599
  • The 5 Lords of Pain 2: Lord of the Void, Barrington Stoke, 2010, ISBN 1781122539
  • The 5 Lords of Pain 3: The Lord of Tears, Barrington Stoke, 2010, ISBN 1781122563
  • The 5 Lords of Pain 4: The Lord of the Typhoon, Barrington Stoke, 2010, ISBN 1842998161
  • The 5 Lords of Pain 5: The Lord of Fire, Barrington Stoke, 2010, ISBN 184299817X


Short story collections[edit]


  • Lifelines and Deadlines: Selected Nonfiction, Steel Quill Press, 2015, ISBN 191093500X


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