James M. Kelly (Boston politician)

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James M. Kelly
Member of the Boston City Council from the District 2
In office
Preceded by District Created
Succeeded by Bill Linehan
President of the Boston City Council
In office
Preceded by Thomas Menino
Succeeded by Charles Yancey
Personal details
Born 1940
Died 2006
Nationality American

James M. Kelly (1940–2007), of Boston, Massachusetts, served on the Boston City Council for 23 years from 1983 until his death, representing South Boston, the South End and Chinatown.[1] He was City Council president 1994–2000, succeeded by Charles Yancey.

Kelly had previously been one of the leading opponents of court ordered busing to achieve racial integration in public schools during the 1970s. He continued to fight such plans as a member of the city council. He also attacked mandated housing integration and affirmative action.

Kelly was a graduate of South Boston High School and was a sheet metal worker before entering politics.

Tribute to Jim Kelly, South Boston, 2007


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