James MacDonald, 6th of Dunnyveg

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James MacDonald
Title 6th Clan Chief
Predecessor Alexander MacDonald, 5th of Dunnyveg
Successor Archibald MacDonald, 7th of Dunnyveg

James Mac Domhnaill or MacDonald in Scotland or McDonnell in Ireland, 6th Laird of Dunnyveg (died 1565), was a Scoto-Irish chieftain. He was the son of Alexander MacDonald, lord of Islay and Kintyre (Cantire), and Catherine MacDonald, daughter of the Lord of Ardnamurchan.

He organised the release of his brother Sorley Boy MacDonnell in 1551, in exchange for George Bustsyde, a prisoner he held after a battle on the island of Reachrainn (now Rathlin Island).[1]

During the Battle of Glentasie on 2 May 1565, he and Sorley Boy were captured by Shane O'Neill and imprisoned. James succumbed to his wounds shortly after being captured, while being imprisoned at Castle Crocke, near Strathbane.[2]


By his wife, Agnes, daughter of Colin Campbell, 3rd Earl of Argyll and Lady Jean Gordon, their children were:


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