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James F. "Jim" McCann is an American entrepreneur who founded 1-800-Flowers, a corporation based in the United States which was one of the first companies to pioneer and popularize the use of both toll-free telephone numbers and Web sites to sell goods and services directly to consumers.


According to his autobiography, "Stop and Sell the Roses", he came up with the idea of building a nationwide flower service while "listening to the radio as he was shaving". In 1986, he bought a nearly bankrupt company in Texas which owned the phone number 1-800-Flowers. McCann changed the name of his chain accordingly.

In 1992 and 1994, McCann established deals with online pioneers CompuServe and AOL, becoming among the first retailers to establish an online presence. Again, the success of AOL and 1-800-Flowers' exclusive agreement with the online provider was very beneficial to the company. In 1995, McCann established the website www.1800flowers.com, becoming one of the first retailers to establish a web presence. The company went public when it filed its IPO in 1999 under stock ticker FLWS.

As of 2008, McCann stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of 1-800-Flowers in favor of his brother Christopher G. McCann. McCann owns 40% of the company.

McCann is a minority owner of the New York Mets, holding a 4% stake in the baseball team.

McCann serves as a director for Winthrop-University Hospital, a trustee for Hofstra University, a trustee for the Cancer Research Institute, Inc. and Children's Progress Inc.[1] He is often sought after to speak on topics of entrepreneurship, marketing and the Internet. He also serves on various corporate boards.

Personal life[edit]

McCann, a graduate of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, currently lives in Manhasset, New York with his wife and three children.[2]


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