James Menendez

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James Menendez
Occupation Journalist, presenter
Notable credit(s) Newshour
World News Today
BBC World News

James Menendez is a British journalist and radio broadcaster working for BBC News. Menendez is one of the main presenters of Newshour on the BBC World Service.


Menendez joined the BBC as a trainee reporter in 1995. He then became a reporter for the BBC World Service before becoming the BBC Correspondent in Venezuela.[1]

In 2004, Menendez moved back to London, as an occasional presenter on Newshour and The World Today. In 2007, he became one of the main presenters of World Briefing before becoming a main presenter on Newshour.[2] In addition to presenting the programme, Menendez reports for Newshour from around the world. On 13 April 2015, he started presenting World News Today on BBC Four and BBC World News.