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James Mishler (born in April, 1969) is an American writer and editor, working mostly in the adventure game and comic book industries.


James Mishler was previously the associate editor of Comics & Games Retailer and Scrye,[1] and later the managing editor of Comics & Games Retailer.[2] Mishler formed a new company called Adventure Games Publishing with Bob Bledsaw.[3]:70 The company picked up the license to Judges Guild's Wilderlands setting after the license with Necromancer Games expired in late 2006.[3]:367 Mishler published Wilderlands books from 2007-2010, naming it the "Wilderlands of High Adventure", expanding the campaign setting and changing the focus from swords & sorcery to epic high fantasy.[3]:69 Adventure Games Publishing closed on March 8, 2010, following the publication of 100 Street Vendors of the City State (2010), which Mishler said sold only two print copies and 13 PDF copies.[3]:70

During his career in the adventure game industry, James has worked for Andon Unlimited; Wizards of the Coast; Chessex Distribution; West End Games; Kenzer & Company; ACD Distribution; Krause Publications, as an associate editor on Scrye magazine; WizKids; and, since 2004, F&W Publications, as an associate editor on Comics Buyer's Guide, news editor on Scrye, and managing editor on Comics & Games Retailer, where he remains today.[4]

As managing editor of Comics & Games Retailer, Mishler is responsible for maintaining the "magazine of record" for the adventure gaming and comic book industries. Comics & Games Retailer has tracked the adventure game and comic book industries for more than a decade, and is the leader in disseminating information on developing sales trends in the retail and distribution tiers of both industries.


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