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James Neil Hollingworth (1933–1996) was a disabled, beatnik, hippie, writer, and former manager of the psychedelic folk rock bands Quicksilver Messenger Service and Ace of Cups. He wrote under the pseudonym Ambrose Hollingworth Redmoon.[1]

An often quoted aphorism penned by Hollingworth is "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one's fear."[2]Ambrose was a co-founder, or maybe founder of Six Day School located high on Mt. Shasta, a mountain top in Siskiyou County. It was a school that prepared students for survival in the midst of Armageddon through map and compass reading, survival in the wilderness and occult studies. Students lived in tepees and worked by tending the orchards and gardens. The property was previously called Top of the World Ranch.


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