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James Richard O'Connor (April 20, 1930 – November 12, 2017[1]) was an American sociologist and economist.[2]

He was co-founder[3] and Editor-in-Chief (1988–2003)[4] of Capitalism, Nature, Socialism: A Journal of Socialist Ecology, and Director of the Center for Political Ecology in Santa Cruz, California.[5] After earning he PhD at Columbia University, and work at Washington University and San Jose State, he was among the new faculty hired to initiate the Sociology PhD program at UC Santa Cruz in the mid-70s. While at San Jose State, O'Connor co-founded and served as Coordinating Editor in the United States as part of the Bay Area Editorial Collective (along with Tasuku Noguchi – Japan, Marino Rigini – Italy, Stephan Liebfried –Germany, Tom Wengraf – Great Brittain) of the journal Kapitalistate (1973-1983).[6] He retired from teaching sociology, economics, and environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz [5] in 1992 but remained active in the graduate program into the early 2000s.


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