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James Pasternak
Toronto City Councillor for Ward 6 (York Centre)
Assumed office
December 1, 2018
Preceded bynew ward
Toronto City Councillor for Ward 10
In office
December 1, 2010 – November 3, 2018
Preceded byMike Feldman
Succeeded byward dissolved
Toronto Public School Trustee for (Ward 5) York Centre
In office
December 1, 2006 – November 30, 2010
Preceded byShane Manikowsky
Succeeded byHoward Kaplan
Personal details
Born (1959-02-15) February 15, 1959 (age 60)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

James Pasternak (About this soundlisten) (Born February 15, 1959[1]) is a Canadian politician, who was elected to Toronto City Council in the 2010 city council election to succeed Mike Feldman in Ward 10.[2] He was previously a Toronto District School Board Trustee. Pasternak is a graduate of York University he also has degrees from the University of Western Ontario and the London School of Economics and Political Science.[3]

"Israel apartheid" debate[edit]

Councillor Pasternak has played a prominent role in the debate around whether Toronto Pride should ban the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid group participating in the annual Toronto Pride celebrations. Specifically, Pasternak introduced a motion that directed City Manager Joe Pennachetti to update Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy and to determine whether including QAIA in Pride events violated the anti-discrimination policy. James said "My intent is to block the funding on June 6 and wait until after the parade to make sure they [QuAIA] didn’t march. We believe that QuAIA is not there to support the Palestinian people; it’s there to bully and demonize Israel, its supporters and the Jewish community."[4][5] The following year, in 2013, James Pasternak continued to lead the effort to de-fund Toronto Pride over the use of the term Israel apartheid by its participating members.[6]

Pasternak has been prominent in opposing the staging of annual Al-Quds Day demonstrations on city property, in particular the north lawn of Queen's Park which is a city park, after the event was evicted from the provincially owned south lawn.

Election results[edit]

2018 Toronto election, Ward 6
Candidate Votes Percentage
(x)James Pasternak 11,559 47.61%
(x)Maria Augimeri 9,223 37.99%
Louise Russo 2,726 11.23%
Edward Zaretsky 771 3.17%
2014 Toronto election, Ward 10[7]
Candidate Votes %
James Pasternak 11,183 57.78%
Igor Toutchinski 3,112 16.08%
Epstein David 2,126 10.99%
Mitchell Michael 1,096 5.66%
Bucao Randy 1,040 5.37%
Masucci Liberato 796 4.11%
Total 19,353 100%
2010 Toronto election, Ward 10[8]
Candidate Votes %
James Pasternak 3,159 19.15%
Nancy Oomen 2,777 16.83%
Brian Shifman 2,632 15.96%
Igor Toutchinski 2,605 15.79%
Konstantin Toubis 1,887 11.44%
Magda Gondor Berkovits 935 5.67%
Jarred Friedman 850 5.15%
Joseph Cohen 535 3.24%
Eric Plant 355 2.15%
Edward Zaretsky 326 1.97%
Robert Freedland 244 1.48%
Drago Banovic 186 1.12%
Total 16,491 100%
2006 Toronto District School Board election, Ward 5[9]
Candidate Votes %
James Pasternak 6,210 62.27%
Mitchell Worsoff 1,940 19.45%
Donna Khaner 1,077 10.80%
Frank Bonavota 745 7.48%
Total 9,972 100%


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