James Pierpont (minister)

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Rev. James Pierpont, 1711
Mary Hooker Pierpont, wife of Rev. James Pierpont. Their daughter Sarah Hooker Pierpont married Rev. Jonathan Edwards

James Pierpont (January 4, 1659 – November 22, 1714) was a Congregationalist minister who is credited with the founding of Yale University in the United States. In 1701, Pierpont secured the charter for The Collegiate School of Connecticut, which soon thereafter took the surname of its benefactor Elihu Yale.


He was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts on January 4, 1659. He attended The Roxbury Latin School and Harvard University.

James Pierpont married in 1698 as his third wife Mary Hooker, daughter of Rev. Samuel Hooker and granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Hooker, chief founder of the Colony of Connecticut.[1] Their daughter, Sarah Pierpont, married noted colonial minister Jonathan Edwards.

He died on November 22, 1714 in New Haven, Connecticut.


James Pierpont's descendants also include U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr and financier John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, and songwriter James Lord Pierpont, best known for "Jingle Bells".


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