James R. Cargill

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Not to be confused with James R. Cargill II.
James Ray Cargill
Born October 9, 1923
Chicago, Illinois
Died March 26, 2006
Edina, Minnesota
Education Lake Forest Academy
University of Minnesota
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Mary Janet Cargill
Parent(s) Austen Cargill
Anne Ray Cargill
Relatives Margaret Anne Cargill (sister)

James Ray Cargill (October 9, 1923 – March 26, 2006) was an American heir and business executive.


Early life[edit]

James Ray Cargill was born on October 9, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois.[1] His father was Austen Cargill and his mother, Anne Ray Cargill. His grandfather, William W. Cargill, was the founder of Cargill, an agribusiness corporation.[2]

He grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1] He was educated at the Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois.[1] He also worked at Cargill during the summers of 1939 through 1941.[1] He served in the United States Army in Europe for three years during World War II.[1] He graduated from the University of Minnesota.[1]


In 1947, he started his career at Cargill, working in advertising.[1] By 1989, he retired as Senior Vice President of Cargill.[1] He served on its Board of Directors from 1963 to 1995.[1] He was a major shareholder of Cargill.[2]

In 1992, he acquired J. B. Hudson Jewelers, a retailer of jewelry, china and crystals.[1][3]

He was worth US$1.8 billion in 2006.[4]


He donated to his alma mater, the University of Minnesota, from which he was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.[1] He established Dinnaken Properties, student residences which were affordable yet good quality, at UM.[1]

He was a donor to Ducks Unlimited and Trout Unlimited.[1]

Personal life[edit]

He married Mary Janet Cargill. They had three children:[1]


He died on March 26, 2006 in Edina, Minnesota.[1]


Each of his children inherited 1/18 share of Cargill.[2]