James R. Von Ehr II

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James R. Von Ehr II
James Von Ehr II crop 2009 CHAO.jpg
Born 1950
United States
Nationality United States
Citizenship United States
Scientific career
Fields Nanotechnology
Institutions Zyvex

James R. Von Ehr II (born in 1950) is an American programmer, inventor and entrepreneur. Von Ehr is the former chief executive of Zyvex corporation, the world first molecular nanotechnology company, which he founded in 1997, and which later split into four branches (Zyvex Technologies, Zyvex Instruments (acquired by DCG Systems, Inc.), Zyvex Labs, and Zyvex Asia), and current CEO of Zyvex Labs and chairman of Zyvex Technologies. Von Ehr founded Altsys Corporation in Dec 1984, and was President, Chairman, and CEO. Altsys was known for developing Fontographer, a PostScript-based font editor, and later FreeHand, a powerful PostScript-based illustration program for graphics artists and designers. Altsys was sold to Macromedia in 1995, where Von Ehr held a seat on the Board of Directors for nearly four years.


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