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James T. Richardson (born c. 1943) is a Professor of Sociology and Judicial Studies, and the Director of the Master of Judicial Studies Degree Program at the University of Nevada, Reno.[1] Richardson specializes in social and behavioral science evidence, Sociology of Religions and New Religious Movements, Sociology of law, and Social movements.[1] He is notably outspoken on high-profile cases such as Elizabeth Smart and Patty Hearst. He is a scientific critic of brainwashing theories.[2]

Education and career[edit]

Richardson received his BA in Sociology from Texas Tech University in 1965, MA in Sociology (Literature minor) from Texas Tech University in 1966, Ph.D. in Sociology (Computer Science minor) from Washington State University in 1968, and J.D. from Old College, Nevada School of Law in 1986. He has been an active teacher for 30 years, with most of that time spent at the University of Nevada, Reno where he is currently Professor of Sociology and Judicial Studies. He directs the Master of Judicial Studies Degree Program, which has nearly 100 trial judges working on degrees, and some 75 graduates. He is the director or of the Justice Management Degree Program. He is on the faculty for the large Interdisciplinary Social Psychology Doctoral Program and he teaches in the undergraduate and masters programs in Sociology.


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