James River Wildlife Management Area

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James River Wildlife Management Area is a protected area located in Nelson County, Virginia, near the town of Wingina. 1,213 acres (4.91 km2) in size, it consists of hilly woodland and more level bottomland along the James River, and ranges from 350 to 500 feet (150 m) above sea level in elevation. It fronts on the river for a little over one mile (1.6 km). About 200 acres (0.81 km2) of property, once used for pasture and the growth of crops, are open land, although the older fields have reverted to Virginia pine. The rest of the land is forest, a mix of pine and hardwood, mainly oak and hickory. Various techniques have been used to enhance the upland habitat, including the development of annual and perennial plantings, hedgerows, and other methods. Eight acres of marsh have also been developed to encourage food for waterfowl. The James River WMA website tells that hunting opportunities range from deer and rabbit to wild turkey and quail.[1]


Coordinates: 37°40′36.5″N 78°43′40.1″W / 37.676806°N 78.727806°W / 37.676806; -78.727806