James Ruse Drive

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James Ruse Drive
New South Wales
James Ruse Drive Bridge over the Parramatta River
General information
Type Highway
Route number(s)
route number
  • State Route 55 (1988-2004)
  • State Route 53 (1977-1998)[1]
  • (Clyde-Parramatta)
  • State Route 40 (2008/9-2013)
  • No Shield (2004-2008/9)
  • State Route 55 (1988-2004)
  • State Route 53 (1977-1998)
  • (Parramatta-North Parramatta)
  • State Route 40 (2008/9-2013)
  • No Shield (2005-2008/9)
  • Metroad 7 (1993-2005)[2]
  • State Route 77 (1988-1993)
  • State Route 53 (1977-1988)
  • (North Parramatta-Northmead)
Major junctions
North end
South end
Major settlements Clyde, Rosehill, Parramatta, North Parramatta, Northmead
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James Ruse Drive is a main thoroughfare route around Parramatta, in Western Sydney. It stretches from Windsor Road, Northmead in the north to Great Western Highway (Parramatta Road), Granville in the south. It passes through six large interchanges, with Windsor Road, Pennant Hills Road, Kissing Point Road, Victoria Road, the M4 Western Motorway and the Great Western Highway. It was named in 1979 together with the completion of the road. It has been allocated several route numbers, as follows: State route 53 (entire length from 1977-1988),[1] State Route 77 (Cumberland Highway 1988-1993), State route 55 (south of Cumberland Highway from 1988-2004), Metroad 7 (replaced SR77 from 1993-2005),[2] State route 40 (north of Victoria Road 2008/9-2013) and A40 (replaces SR40 2013- ).[3]

The formerly Metroad 7 section of James Ruse Drive was commissioned A28 in May 2013 and will duplex with the newly commissioned A40.

The road is named after James Ruse, a convict who was given land in the Parramatta district, which he successfully developed into the colony's first sustainable farm. The original Experiment Farm Cottage still exists on Ruse Street, Parramatta.

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