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James Stimpson (1820 - 1886) was a cathedral organist and Birmingham City Organist.[1]

Early life[edit]

He was born in Lincoln on 29 February 1820, the son of a lay vicar of Lincoln Cathedral, who moved to Durham Cathedral in 1822, where James became a chorister in 1827.


In February 1834 he was articled to Richard Ingham, organist of Carlisle Cathedral; in June 1836 was appointed organist of St Andrew's Church, Newcastle upon Tyne; and in June 1841, on Ingham's death, was made organist of Carlisle.

In February 1842 he was chosen organist at Birmingham Town Hall and St Paul's Church, Birmingham, and in the following year founded the Festival Choral Society.[2] He continued with the Society until 1855.

In 1844 he was instrumental in starting the weekly Monday Evening Concerts.

He was organist of St Martin in the Bull Ring Birmingham from 1852 to 1857.


He died in Birmingham on 4 October 1886.[3]


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