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James Turnbull
James Turnbull at LCA 2008 lightened.jpg
Turnbull at Linux.conf.au 2008 (photo by Michael Davies)
Melbourne, Australia
OccupationAuthor & Engineer
Known forAuthor of technical books, involvement in Free Software community, engineering, systems management and security

James Turnbull is an Australian free software and open source author, security specialist, and software developer. He lives in Brooklyn, New York where he is VP of Engineering at Glitch, co-chair of the Velocity conference and an advisor at Access Now.[1] Prior to that he led startup advocacy at Microsoft, was founder and CTO at Empatico,[2] CTO at Kickstarter, VP of Engineering at Venmo and VP of Service at Docker.[3] He was also VP of Technology Operations for the open source company Puppet Labs.[4]


Turnbull has been involved in technology and the open source community since the early 1990s. He has written eleven books on engineering, operations, security and open source software:

He has also published numerous articles on Linux and open source technology.[16]

Free Software involvement[edit]

Turnbull is a contributor to Docker, the open source logging tool Logstash,[17] Riemann, Prometheus, the qpsmtpd SMTP daemon, the Puppet configuration management tool, and the Facter system inventory tool.

Turnbull was the Treasurer, member of the papers committee, and coordinated the mini-conference program at linux.conf.au 2008.[18]

He is a member of Linux Australia, including being President in 2010 and sitting on the Executive Council in 2008.[19] He has previously also been on the committee of Linux Users of Victoria.


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