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Madhu Rao Narayan, Maratha Peshwa and Nana Fadnavis with Attendants, by James Wales (1792)

James Wales (1747–1795) was a Scottish artist.

Born in Peterhead, Wales sold portraits in Aberdeen before moving to London, where his work was displayed by the Royal Academy and the Society of Artists.[1] In 1791, Wales arrived in India, and painted portraits of Sawai Madhavrao, Nana Fadnavis, and other figures of the Maratha Empire. He also made drawings and paintings of the Elephanta Caves[1][2] and the Ellora Caves. His depictions of the latter were published in the 1803 book Hindoo Excavations in the Mountain of Ellora near Aurungabad in the Decan.[3]

His daughter Susanna also painted portraits, and married Sir Charles Malet, 1st Baronet, whom Wales met while in India.[4]

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