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View of San Sebastian by James Webb

James R Webb[1] (1825–1895) was a British painter specialising in marine views and landscapes.[2] He lived all his life in Chelsea, London.[3] He exhibited in London at the Royal Academy and the British Institute between 1850 and 1888, and many of his works still hang in London in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate Gallery. Other works are found in a large number of provincial galleries. Webb was a pupil of Clarkson Frederick Stanfield.[4] His father Archibald Webb and his brother Byron Webb were also noted painters.[3]

mr webb in view of dinant belgium
View Of Dinant Belgium by James Webb
Painting of St Michael's Mount at Cornwall


  • 1857: The Lock[1]
  • 1859: A Barge in a Norfolk Landscape[1]
  • 1864: Fishing off the coast "Oil painting on canvas by James Webb", Richard Redding Antiques, includes one of the most detailed biographies available online
  • 1865: On a choppy sea[1]
  • 1869: Mewstone
  • 1870: View of Cologne with incomplete dome[5]
  • c.1870: Stricken Vessel off Harbour with Watching Fisherfolk'[6]
  • 1874: River Landscape[7]
  • 1875: Cartagena[1]
  • 1875: Vessels moored at the steps of a Moorish palace[8]
  • 1876: Givet[1]
  • 1876: Dinant, Belgium[1]
  • 1876-1885: Old Kew Bridge, London – which is held at the Museum of London[9]
  • 1877: Heidelberg[10]
  • 1883: Birkhamstead[11]
  • 1888: Off to the fishing grounds[1]
  • Margate Pier, owned by Thanet District Council, on loan to Turner Contemporary gallery, Margate
  • A View on the Rhine[1]
  • Shipping at sunset [1]
  • The end of the day (attributed) [1]
  • Cottages by the cliffs [1]
  • Gazing across the loch [1]
  • Sunset over Dordrecht Harbour [12]
  • Brighton in the Season (described in one obituary as his 'most important work')[13]
  • Moonlight near Rotterdam, exhibited at St James's Gallery 1884[14]


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