Jameson Land

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Jameson Land
Eolian sandstone in Jameson Land.
Location East Greenland
Coordinates 71°10′N 23°30′W / 71.167°N 23.500°W / 71.167; -23.500Coordinates: 71°10′N 23°30′W / 71.167°N 23.500°W / 71.167; -23.500
Adjacent bodies of water
Highest elevation 1,444 m (4,738 ft)
Greenland (Denmark)
Zone NE Greenland National Park

Jameson Land is a peninsula in eastern Greenland.


Jameson Land is bounded to the southwest by Scoresby Sound (the world's largest fjord), to the northwest by the Stauning Alps, to the north by Scoresby Land, to the northeast by the Fleming Fjord and the Nathorst Fjord of the Greenland Sea, and to the east by Carlsberg Fjord, the smaller Liverpool Land peninsula branching off, and Hurry Inlet.

The Mestersvig military base is located in the northern part of the peninsula.


Jameson Land mainly consists of a tilted peneplain of jurassic sandstone, highest in the east. In the northern end there are also rocks of triassic origin.[1] Jameson land triassic fossils include prosauropod and theropod dinosaurs, phytosaurs, temnospondyls, and sharks.[2]

Map of Greenland section.
Tail vertebrae and tibia of a 4 meter long prosauropod dinosaur from Jameson Land, at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen

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