Jamestown Island

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This article is about the physical landform. For the history of settlement, see Jamestown, Virginia.
Map of Jamestown Island and the location of the 1607 fort. (Not pictured are modern roads, buildings, and the causeway linking it to Glasshouse Point)

Jamestown Island is a 1,561-acre (632 ha; 2.439 sq mi)[1] island in the James River in Virginia, part of James City County. It is located off Glasshouse Point, to which it is connected via a causeway. Much of the island is wetland, including both swamp and marsh.

In 1607, the Jamestown Island (then a peninsula) became site of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. The town lasted until 1699, when it was abandoned in favor of a new site at Williamsburg. By the early 20th century, the isthmus connecting the landform to Glasshouse Point had eroded, making it a proper island. Today, most of the island is a part of Colonial National Historical Park.


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Coordinates: 37°12′18″N 76°45′36″W / 37.205°N 76.760°W / 37.205; -76.760