Jami Masjid and Islamic Centre Birmingham

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The Jami Masjid and Islamic Centre Birmingham is located in the Perry Barr, Small Heath area of Birmingham, England. It includes of a two-hall mosque, with a capacity of 2,000, and a separate building for the Darul Uloom.

It was one of the first mosques to be opened in the West Midlands, by Principle/President Dr. Mowlana A.S.M Abdur Rahim (damat barakathuhum).

The mosque was founded in 1988 as a gift from Saddam Hussein, but the name was changed from The President Saddam Hussein Mosque in 2003.[1][2]

Coordinates: 52°28′07″N 1°51′22″W / 52.4685°N 1.8560°W / 52.4685; -1.8560