Jami Masjid and Islamic Centre Birmingham

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The Jame Masjid and Islamic Centre is located on Trinity Road, Aston in Birmingham, England. It includes a two-hall mosque, with a capacity of 2,000, and a separate building for the Darul Uloom.

It was one of the first mosques to be opened in the West Midlands, by Principle/President Dr. Mowlana A.S.M Abdur Rahim (damat barakathuhum).

The mosque opened in 1991 and was funded by three parties which included the Saudi Government (£1m) and Saddam Hussein (£1.5m). It was named after the largest donor, and the donation was accepted under that condition. At the time, there was a disagreement amongst many followers, as one cannot give a conditional donation in Islam. Although, naming mosque's after donors is not unprecedented, the name was changed from The President Saddam Hussein Mosque in 2003 after Iraq War II.

Some TV/ news reporters tried to assert that the followers had an allegiance to Saddam Hussein during the Iraq Wars but this is untrue. Many Mosques are grand in size, however are never filled during normal everyday (5 a day) prayers. Friday midday (Juma) is the only exception and during Ramadhan (evening prayer). [1][2]

Coordinates: 52°28′07″N 1°51′22″W / 52.4685°N 1.8560°W / 52.4685; -1.8560