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جامعة مركز الثقافة السنية الإسلامية
Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya
മർക്കസു സ്സഖാഫത്തി സ്സുന്നിയ്യ
Other name
Jamia Markaz, Sunni Markaz, Karanthur Markaz
Motto Markaz Shaping a Culture
Type Islamic
Established 1978 (1978)
Founder Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed
Chancellor Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed
President Sayyid Ali Bafaqih Thangal
Vice-president Sayyid Yusuf Albukhari Vailathur, K.K Ahmmed Kutty Musliyar Kattippara
Vice-Chancellor Dr. Hussain Saqafi Chullikkod
Director Dr. A.P Abdul Hakeem Azhari
GM C. Muhammed Faizy
Address Karanthur, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673571, India

Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya[1] (Malayalam: മർക്കസു സ്സഖാഫത്തി സ്സുന്നിയ്യ) also called Markaz, Jamia Markaz, or Sunni Markaz,[2] is a national Islamic university at Kozhikode in Kerala, India.

The university is located 14 kilometres (8.70 mi) east of Kozhikode city. The foundation stone was laid by the Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki in presence of Kanniyath Ahmed Musliyar and EK Aboobacker Musliyar. It has roughly 20,000 students studying under faculty of Islamic studies, Arts, Science, and Theology.[3]

Markaz has started a branch in Dubai under the supervision of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department of Dubai (Markaz, Dubai[4] also called Dubai Markaz[5][6][7]) with various courses in Islamic studies. Recently, a branch of the Markaz has been established as the Jamia Nizamuddin at New Delhi.

Health service[edit]

The Health service is provided by a team of doctors both in the campus hospital and the research centre. Students who are ill are treated free of charge. A specialist hospital is also under construction. A network of staff and students working as first-aiders, provides additional back-up for the Health Service.

Welfare services[edit]

Markaz provides financial aid to poor students for further studies. There is a special fund for assisting the students who aspire to study here and abroad, top scorers attend universities in Egypt, Russia, etc. Markaz sponsors medical and engineering students studying in Kerala and other states like Karnataka, Utter pradesh and Delhi. There is a special welfare outlet functioning in the capital city, Delhi.[8][9] Markaz is giving degree (sanad) in Islamic studies as Maulvi Fazil Saqafi and Maulavi Kamil Saqafi for P.G in Islamic Studies also called Saqafi.[10][11] The students of Markaz are doing Islamic Dawath in various place of world, like Africa, UK, New Zealand etc.

International relations and Affiliations[edit]

Al Azhar University of Cairo has extended its recognition to courses taught by the Markazu Saqafati Sunniyya.[12]

Ruby Jubilee[edit]

Markaz Ruby Jubilee is the fortieth annual conference of Jamia Markaz. As part of the ruby jubilee celebrations, Markaz conducted a number of seminars and conferences. That discussed a large number of issues pertain to the crisis of humanity and Muslim world. It was held during 4 January 2018 and 7th of the same month.[19]

  • Cultural conference[20]
  • Inaugural Conference[21]
  • Sheikh Zayed International Peace Conference[22]
  • National Integration Conference[23]
  • Inauguration of Queens’ Land[24]
  • International Islamic Scholars’ Conference[25]

Major projects, centres and institutes[edit]

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