Jamia Mosque (Hong Kong)

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Coordinates: 22°16′48.64″N 114°9′6.64″E / 22.2801778°N 114.1518444°E / 22.2801778; 114.1518444

Jamia Mosque
Shelley Street Temple1.JPG
Basic information
Location 30 Shelley Street, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
Affiliation Sunni Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1890 (original building)
1905 (current building)[1]
Capacity 400
Minaret(s) 1
Jamia Mosque prayer hall
Jamia Mosque entrance

Jamia Mosque (Chinese: 些利街清真寺, lit. Shelley Street Mosque, or 回教清真禮拜總堂) is a mosque at Mid-levels, Hong Kong, China.[2] The mosque is the oldest mosque in Hong Kong. The neighboring streets Mosque Street and Mosque Junction are named after this mosque. Mufti Abdul Zaman is the main Imam of this Mosque and he leads prayers and taraveeh in the month of Ramadan. [3]


The mosque was built in 1890 on a piece of land leased by the British Hong Kong government.[2][4] The treaty for the land was granted on 23 December 1850. Initially, the mosque was named Mohammedan Mosque. Extension of the building took place in 1915 which made the mosque into a larger building. After World War II, the mosque was renamed Jamia Mosque.[5] It is also known as Lascar Temple.[6]


The mosque has a rectangular shape with an arched main entrance and Arabic-style arched windows on all sides.[7]


The building has been classified as a Grade I building by the Government of Hong Kong in May 2010 which are described as "outstanding merits of which every effort should be made to preserve if possible."[8]

Future expansions[edit]

There has been a plan to construct an Islamic Cultural Center by its side in the future.


The mosque is accessible within walking distance South West from Central Station of the MTR.

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