Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka

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Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka Bangladesh
Type Islamic university
Established 1986 (1986)
Chancellor Sheikhul Hadith Allama Azizul Hoque
Principal Mufti Mehfuzul Haque[1]
Students 2,000[2]
Location Muhammadpur, Dhaka[3], Bangladesh
Website rahmaniadhaka.com

Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka is a distinguished Qawmi Islamic university in Bangladesh.[4] The jamiah was established in 1986 at Muhammadpur, Dhaka, by Sheikhul Hadith Allama Azizul Hoque,[5] a famous Islamic scholar of the Sub-continent and the first Bengali translator of Sahih al-Bukhari. It has 12,000 students and, as of 2011, 70 well qualified teachers. Examinations are held under the supervision of Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah Education Board.[6]

Educational pattern[edit]

The jamiah has crossed the international boundary in producing efficient and intellectual ulama[7] by applying multipurpose efforts from the initial level to the Dawra-e-Hadith, Ifta, Tafsir, Usul al-Hadith, Islam History, Arabic and Bengali Literature. Besides Islamic subjects, as a fully fledged Islamic university, it teaches Bengali, English, Mathematics, Philosophy, History, and Geography. It also organizes many programs and seminars to spread the message of Islam.

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