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Jamie Freeman is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer who previously fronted The Jamie Freeman Agreement. He is the brother[1] of the actor Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock, The Office) and the musician Tim Freeman (Frazier Chorus). He and his wife Stevie co-founded Union Music Store in Lewes, East Sussex. He is a member of the Americana Music Association (Nashville) and Americana Music Association UK.

Freeman's primary instrument is guitar but he is also a drummer. He started drumming at the age of 13 and played with Brighton alt.country rockers Salter Cane for eight years. He usually plays electric and acoustic guitar with The Jamie Freeman Agreement, and occasionally mandolin. In the studio he also plays keyboards, bass, lap steel and percussion.

He played with Frazier Chorus as a member of the touring band, and performed on their third album Wide Awake, released on the Pure label.

His 2019 album Dreams About Falling features co-writes with Angaleena Presley, Ben Glover, Michael Logen, Brandy Zdan, Amy Speace and Amy Tudor[2]. (Two songs on Freeman's second album were co-written with Amy Tudor, a poet from Kentucky.) The album also features duets with Angaleena Presley[3], Brandy Zdan and Amy Speace.[4]


Freeman's first album Just You, released under his own name, was described as "a perfect blend of UK folk/American roots" by Gilded Palace. The follow up 100 Miles From Town was released under the band's name The Jamie Freeman Agreement and features guest appearances by several respected artists including Larkin Poe, Brandy Zdan, Richard Smith, The Good Lovelies. Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) was consultant producer on the album.[5][6] His third album Dreams About Falling was produced by Grammy-nominated producer[7] Neilson Hubbard and received 4-star reviews in Maverick Music Magazine[8] and R'N'R magazine[9].

Critical acclaim[edit]

Dreams About Falling: "Great songs, hooks, tunes, melodies, excellent musicians, sparkling guests and wonderful production – it's a hit!" – Maverick Magazine[10]

"Jamie is patently in the vanguard of the current crop of British songwriters, regardless of genre-type. Dreams About Falling is a musical tour de force" – FolkRadio.co.uk[11]

"the 'Hasia Dreams' EP is a well-timed reminder to the world at large, that here in England we have a songwriter capable of matching the best." – FATEA[12]

"...there are certainly echoes of classic country rock, a little psychedelia, pop rock, even an occasional folksiness, but it is very much a song driven mini album (or is it e.p?) that bows to no particular style, instead choosing to let the lyrics do the talking whilst using whatever instrumentation he thought necessary to get the best out of the songs. I suspect he and most other musicians will find it very difficult to top this excellent recording!" – American Roots UK[13]

"This is a great CD that should be nominated for Best Album at the Folk Awards" 4.5 Stars – Maverick Magazine

"...the UK's very own Americana virtuosos" – Spiral Earth[14]

"100 Miles From Town – the Jamie Freeman Agreement set about defining English Americana" – FATEA[15]


Artist name Title Year Label Format Catalogue No.
Jamie Freeman Just You 2011 Union Music Store CD/Digital UMS001
The Jamie Freeman Agreement 100 Miles From Town 2013 Union Music Store CD/Digital UMS005
Jamie Freeman Hasia Dreams 2017 Union Music Store CD/Digital UMS013
Jamie Freeman Dreams About Falling 2019 Union Music Store CD/Vinyl/Digital UMS014

Production credits[edit]

Artist Title Description Year Label
Jamie Freeman Just You Album 2011 Union Music Store
Zoe Brownrigg Not Once Did I See Your Face EP 2011
The Self Help Group Not Waving, But Drowning Album 2012
The Jamie Freeman Agreement 100 Miles From Town Album 2013
Police Dog Hogan Home (Remix) Remix track for the Moutarde! vinyl EP (produced by Al Scott) 2015
Mark Chadwick No Change Track from Land of Hope and Fury compilation 2015
Lucy Ward Bigger Than That 2015
Phil Jones New Homes 2015
The Jamie Freeman Agreement Homes For Heroes 2015
The Self Help Group Funeral Drum 2015
Emily Barker Doing The Best I Can Mix, track from Land of Hope and Fury compilation (Produced by Emily Barker) 2015
The Self Help Group Dead Stars Album 2015
Noble Jacks What The Hammer Album 2017
Ben Norris Title TBC Album in production 2019 TBC
Jamie Freeman Hasia Dreams 5 song EP. Track 3 produced by Rebecca Lovell (Larkin Poe). 2017

Production reviews[edit]

The Self Help Group (Not Waving But Drowning, Dead Stars)[edit]

"The actual sound is a huge tribute to producer Jamie Freeman, giving great depth and openness to the recording but never overdoing the instrumentation, imbuing the whole disc with a power and drive that really shouldn't be possible when taking into account the mellowness of the music. – American Roots UK[16]

"Dead Stars is the bands second studio outing, impeccably produced by Jamie Freeman" – Brighton's Finest[17]

"Working with the same producer as the on the first album, the album is again a small masterpiece" FATEA[18]

The Jamie Freeman Agreement (100 Miles From Town)[edit]

"It is high quality, beautifully written, arranged, sung, played and produced music that keeps the listener in thrall... and when it comes to the production there is a lovely clear open spacey feel even on songs with a fuller instrumentation. He seems to have an instinctive 'knack' for getting everything perfectly in balance and co-ordinated, and yet there is always a strong dramatic edginess to the performances and sound." American Roots UK[19]


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