Jamie Hutchings

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Jamie Hutchings
Birth nameJamie Buchanon Hutchings
Born1971 (age 48–49)
OriginSydney, Australia
GenresAlternative, Australian rock
InstrumentsGuitar, Vocals
Years active1993–present
Laughing Outlaw Records
Associated actsBluebottle Kiss, Peabody, Scared of Horses, Infinity Broke, Rocket

Jamie Buchanon Hutchings[1] (born 1971, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) is the lead singer-songwriter and guitarist for Australian band Bluebottle Kiss, who have released six albums, plus numerous EPs and singles.[2][3] Hutchings has released three solo albums, The Golden Coach, His Imaginary Choir and Avalon Cassettes. Unlike Bluebottle Kiss albums, which Hutchings produces himself, His Imaginary Choir was co-produced with notable Australian producer Tony Dupe. He has produced three albums for fellow Sydney band Peabody one album for Sydney mood-blues band, The Maladies and in 2013 one for Mark Moldre (An Ear To The Earth - Laughing Outlaw Records). His most recent solo album, Avalon Cassettes, was released on Laughing Outlaw in early 2011. Following Avalon Cassettes, he formed another band, Infinity Broke and in 2014 released a new album, River Mirrors.[4]


From a musical family, Jamie's father, Lee Hutchings, is a professional musician (saxophone for The Flying Circus) and two of his siblings, Scott Hutchings and Sophie Hutchings, are frequent collaborators.[5]


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