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Jamie James (born August 4, 1953 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian guitarist, singer and songwriter, best known for his roles in DQ And The Sharks and Steppenwolf. He was also lead singer and founding member of RSO recording trio The Kingbees.[1] The Kingbees recorded 2 albums with David J. Holman producing on RSO. The first, titled The Kingbees, (released March, 1980) received much critical acclaim and regional success with the James-penned hit "My Mistake". The second album, titled "The Big Rock", was released in March 1981 and also spawned national touring, a performance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand and a cameo role in the movie "The Idolmaker". Shortly thereafter the band split up. In 1983 James released a solo EP with Vanity Records titled "The Big One". In the late 1980s, James hooked up with noted actor Harry Dean Stanton to form a unique musical ensemble which performed until the year 2000. In 2000 James went on to form the rock and roll band "DQ and The Sharks" featuring actor/musician Dennis Quaid. In 1993 James had also released a solo LP on Schoolkids Records titled "Cruel World". In 2000 he released his latest solo LP on Oglio Records, titled "Crossroads". Oglio also released a two-album CD issue of the Kingbees first and second LPs. James resides in Los Angeles, where he just formed a new record label with friend and business partner Fred Wehba. We Jam Music was created by James and Wehba to produce and release new albums including James' newest release Love Attack.


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