Jamie Lidell (album)

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Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell eponymous.png
Studio album by Jamie Lidell
Released Feb, 2013
Genre Electronic
Label Warp Records
Producer Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell chronology
Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell is an album by Jamie Lidell released in 2013 and produced by Lidell and Justin Stanley in Lidell's Nashville, Tennessee studio.[1] The lead single, "What a Shame," was released on YouTube on Nov 16, 2012.[2]

Lidell cited Janet Jackson as the inspiration for the album, saying "I got into Rhythm Nation and Control and thought 'these are amazing songs, why don't they make them like this anymore? I want to make them like that!' So that's what kicked it off for me."[3] Lidell added, "it’s the sound of the era I was going for, that [Janet Jackson] "Rhythm Nation" vocal sound.”[4]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Consequence of Sound 4/5 stars[5]
Pitchfork Media (5.6/10)[6]

Consequence of Sound ranked the album four out of five stars, and Pitchfork gave the album a mediocre review.[5][6] The album's blend of synthesized electropop and "futuristic" industrial music was praised and likened to "Janet Jackson's groundbreaking 1986 album, Control" by About.com.[7] The electronic drum intro of "Big Love" was also described as reminiscent of Jackson's hit "The Pleasure Principle."[8]

Track listing[edit]

  1. I'm Selfish - 4:54
  2. Big Love - 4:44
  3. What a Shame - 4:37
  4. Do Yourself a Faver - 4:07
  5. You Naked - 4:48
  6. why_ya_why - 3:32
  7. Blaming Something - 4:40
  8. You Know My Name - 4:18
  9. So Cold - 3:56
  10. Don't You Love Me - 4:16
  11. In Your Mind - 4:25


  • Jamie Lidell: Vocals, vocal loops, guitar, bass, synth, synth programming, piano, horns, drum programming, percussion


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