Jamie Seymour

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Jamie Seymour
Nationality Australian
Fields Venom biology
Institutions James Cook University
Known for Studying venom biology, especially the box jellyfish. He has also appeared in the book The Thing About Jellyfish

Jamie Seymour is an Australian toxinologist.[1] He is a professor at James Cook University[2] in Cairns, Australia.

He has been involved in programs designed to decrease the envenoming of humans by jellyfish, in Australia, East Timor, Thailand, and Hawaii.[2]

Seymour's work has also led to changes in the treatment protocols for jellyfish stings in Australia.[2]

Appearances on television[edit]

Seymour has appeared in a number of documentary television programs, such as the following:

As shown in the 2005 Discovery Channel documentary Killer Jellyfish, Jamie was stung by an Irukandji jellyfish and was hospitalised. Unlike some victims, he suffered for only about fifty hours.


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