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Jamie Suzanne (pseudonym) wrote every book in the Sweet Valley Kids series and the Sweet Valley Twins and Friends series. Jamie Suzanne is the pen name used by multiple ghost-writers of the Sweet Valley Kids and Sweet Valley Twins book series. The pseudonym is a combination of the names of Francine Pascal’s daughters.[1][2][3]

It is claimed that she was born in Iowa in 1955 to a small farming family and that she has two sisters and one brother. She lives in Northern California and has two grown children and a very supportive husband that helps with her writing. Jamie Suzanne is the author of over 25 books such as the series Regeneration, My Sister the Ghost,Cheer Squad,Dead Girl, The Seer and also from Llewellyn, Strange Encounters(books that use other pen names included) She also uses the names L.J. Singleton and Linda Joy Singleton.

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