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Jamie "Dubs" Wilkinson is an internet culture researcher and software engineer.[1] Wilkinson started Know Your Meme, a database of viral internet memes whilst working at Rocketboom in New York City.

In addition to his online video work, Wilkinson taught an “Internet Famous” class at Parsons graduate Design & Technology Program that examined internet attention, specifically how it could be manipulated and aggregated via different strategies.[2] Students’ grades were determined solely based on their ability to garner online attention in the form of web page views, video views, Twitter followers, and “favorites.”[3]

In August, 2010 Jamie won an Emmy for "Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - Fiction"[4] for his work in collaborating with Casey Pugh, Annelise Pruitt and Chad Pugh on Star Wars Uncut, a web-based platform and community where users can recreate their favorite scenes from Star Wars.

Jamie is also a virtual research fellow of the Free Art and Technology Lab and co-founded video sharing and payment platform VHX.[5] Wilkinson was Eyebeam's systems administrator in 2006.[6]


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