Jamieson River

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Jamieson River 001.JPG
Jamieson River at Jamieson, Victoria, not far from its confluence with the Goulburn
Physical characteristics
Main source Alpine National Park
River mouth confluence with the Goulburn River
Length 46 km (29 mi)

The Jamieson River is an inland river in Victoria, Australia. The river rises in Alpine National Park and flows into the Goulburn River at the town of Jamieson. Its tributaries are Jamieson River north branch and Jamieson River south branch.


The Jamieson has the blend of successive pools and runs, gravel beds, and varying water level and current. Easy accessibility in the lower course, combined with the significant brown trout, rainbow trout, small redfin and river blackfish populations make the Jamieson a great fishing river.[1]


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