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Jamil Naqsh (Urdu: جمِیل نقش ‎), (b. 25 December 1939, Kairana, India)[1] is a Pakistani painter who lives a reclusive life in London in 2012.[2] He briefly studied at National College of Arts but quit before obtaining a degree. His work is very idealized and sensual.[1][3]

Early life and education[edit]

Jamil Naqsh was born in Kairana, India in 1939, and later moved to Karachi, Pakistan.[2] In his early teens, he had the experience of travelling alone through Chittagong, Calcutta and Colombo. He learned a lot about life in that harsh journey. He also gained a great respect for the art traditions of the past, while travelling. This journey's impressions later influenced his thinking and work.[3]

Naqsh trained as a miniaturist under former NCA professor Ustaad Haji Sharif in Lahore starting in 1953.[3][1] He left the National College of Arts without completing his degree as he felt it was the experience not the qualification that was important.


Jamil Naqsh mostly paints women and pigeons. He paints women, often integrating it with the elements of horses, pigeons or children. Jamil Naqsh grew up seeing pigeons flutter around in his courtyard. So much of his work includes drawings of pigeons.[2] He had set up his Karachi studio in a rooftop garden where pigeons were allowed to move around freely and were welcomed as visitors.[3] In addition to Indian and Pakistani artists' influences on Jamil Naqsh, he was also influenced by the works of European old masters like Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) and the French neo-classicist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780 – 1867).[4]

Art exhibits[edit]

Some of his exhibits are listed below:

  • 150 paintings and drawings were exhibited of female forms with horses (1998)[3]
  • Jamil Naqsh: A Retrospective, Mohatta Palace, Karachi, Pakistan (2003)[1]
  • Solo exhibit by him at Studio Glass Art Gallery, London (2005)[1]
  • Jamil Naqsh held a solo exhibit at Albemarle Gallery in Mayfair, London (2011)[4]
  • Art exhibit in Lahore included 23 canvases and 16 graphite drawings (2012)[2]

Jamil Naqsh has also painted Islamic calligraphy in his modern style with unique and bold brush strokes. His particular style of calligraphy is designed keeping in mind the basic elements of art, with special emphasis on 'line'.[3] There is a Naqsh Museum run by his family members in Karachi, Pakistan.[2] Jamil Naqsh Foundation and Museum were established in Karachi in 1996.[1]

Awards and recognition[edit]


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