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Jamila (Arabic: جميلة ‎‎, Kyrgyz: Жамийла, Жамила) is a popular given name in Arabic and in many other languages. It means "Beautiful" (in feminine). Variants of the name are Gamila, Cemila, Cemile, Djemila, Džemila, Jamillah, Djémila, Djamila, Jamyla and Yamila).

The masculine form is Jamil, Gamil (mainly in Egypt), Cemil (mainly in Turkey), Djemil, Djamel and Djémil (mainly in North African countries) and Djamil.

Notable people with the name include:




  • Cemile Sultan (1843–1915), Ottoman princess, daughter of Sultan Abdülmecid I
  • Cemile Giousouf (born 1978), German politician of Turkish ethnicity


Fictional characters[edit]