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Jamilah Taib Murray (born 19 September 1960, in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) is a Malaysian-Canadian real estate developer. She attended Elmwood School (Ottawa), and started her flagship company, Sakto Corporation, in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1983, with funds from her father, Abdul Taib Mahmud, a politician in Sarawak, Malaysia.

In August 2018 Jamilah Taib Murray, her husband Sean Murray, and Sakto Corporation, applied to the Basel Civil Court (Zivilgericht Basel-Stadt) in Switzerland to obtain an injunction against the Non-governmental organization Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF), named for the Swiss environmentalist Bruno Manser.[1]

The order was to remove over 1,100 infringing statements, and over 250 publications, in which BMF alleged that Jamilah Taib Murray's wealth was derived from corruption and money laundering related to deforestation in Sarawak, Malaysia.[2] Among the documents is the BMF research report Safe Haven Canada.[3]

On February 6 2019, the Basel civil court dismissed the application, citing lack of urgency, and ordered Jamilah Taib Murray, Sean Murray, and Sakto Corporation to pay 166,000 Swiss francs in damages and 20,000 Swiss francs in court costs.[4] The ruling was upheld by the Basel Court of Appeal as of May 13 2019, with an additional 13,000 Swiss francs awarded to BMF.[5]

In March 2019, freelance journalist Timothy E. Wilson, writing for Ricochet Media, reported that a Member of the Parliament of Canada, Andrew Leslie (general), had interfered on behalf of Jamilah Taib Murray in Canada's OECD National Contact Point (NCP) process.[6]


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