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Studio album by The Church
Released 2004-08-30[1]
The Church chronology
Beside Yourself
El Momento Descuidado

Jammed is the 14th studio album released by Australian rock band, The Church, in August 2004.[2] The record is their second album which consists of improvised jam rock, after the Bastard Universe bonus disc from the extended version of Hologram of Baal (September 1998). It was the first of a series of planned jam releases, and consists of only two extremely long tracks. It was released through The Church's website.

The Church's next jam album was Back with Two Beasts (2005), which for the most part contains shorter, more structured songs. Its title is a play on a euphemistic expression for sexual intercourse beast with two backs, to which both of the tracks on Jammed refer.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Sexual Act" - 38:44 (instrumental)
  2. "Interlock" - 20:00 (instrumental)


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