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جام پُور
A Glimpse of Jampur under the banner of Takhleeq by Alee and Shoaeb. It also represents graphic work of people there
A Glimpse of Jampur under the banner of Takhleeq by Alee and Shoaeb. It also represents graphic work of people there
جام پُور is located in Pakistan
جام پُور
جام پُور
Coordinates: 29°23′N 70°21′E / 29.38°N 70.35°E / 29.38; 70.35Coordinates: 29°23′N 70°21′E / 29.38°N 70.35°E / 29.38; 70.35
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Division Dera Ghazi Khan Division
 • Government = PTI Ali Raza Dreshak
 • City 2,322 km2 (897 sq mi)
Elevation 103 m (338 ft)
Population (1998)
 • City 120,000
 • Rural 100,000 Plus
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 604
Union councils 19

Jampur (Punjabi language,Urdu: جام پُور‎), is a city and tehsil headquarters of Jampur Tehsil in Rajanpur District, Punjab Pakistan. It is located at 29°38'32" N, 70°35'45"E[1] south of Dera Ghazi Khan, in the centre of Pakistan.[2] It comprises an area of about 8–10 square kilometers and has a population of almost 120,000.The total area of the Jampur Tehsil is 2,322 square kilometers with a total population of 485,051 as per District Census Report (DCR) 1998.


The word Jampur has two parts: "JAM" and "PUR". "Jadam" faded into "jam" with the passage of time and Jadam was Jakhar by caste (the largest and oldest caste of Jampur). "Pur" is a suffix used in local language which means "vivified by" or "populated by".

It is written in the High School Building that it is combination of "Jadam" and "Pur", means Jadampur, but with time it became Jampur.


Jampur' is believed to have a long history. Evidence includes Dalo Ra-oy ka theer from which antiques for more than 2340 years old were found.

Most people of Jampur are related to agriculture directly or indirectly. Main market/City center of Jampur is called " SADAR BAZAR" which is very old market, while old city is situated at 15–20 Feet height then new city in order to save it from water flood rising from Indus river in old days when it used to flow near Jampur.Its main hub of Qureshi Brothers.this area consisted of 'Muhallaws', Like," Muhallaw Siddiqi", Loharan wali gali . Main road of old city is known as "Circular Road" that us to have 10 Darraas (Gates) to collect tax from peasants and merchants while they used to bring their goods and commodities inside the Jampur. Part of that money was to go in the government's treasury while rest of the money was spent on the welfare of Jampur like construction and re-construction of roads/streets and the sanitary system.

Jampur is becoming the "Information technology Hub" in the southern Punjab, it has a very big computer market and majority of people including male and female are computer literate. The city is also famous for its beautiful engraved wooden work & Pen writing. The Famous Wooden Karkhana named Farooqi Karkhana Owner name was Late Abdul Qaddir Farooqi made excellent antiques which is still place in Lahore museum. Ubaidullah Sindhi a famous scholar of the subcontinent, grew up and was educated in Jampur.

Educational Institutions[edit]

Jampur is not a much populated city with some lack of industries, though the land is much fertile. One of the most famous educational institute is Govt. Boys High School Jampur[3] which was founded in 1885, as a consequence of the introduction of the British Government system in 1857. Jampur has two public girls high schools for education up to 10th class. The city has one public college for boys and one for Girls.

Jampur has set a trend of producing best Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants and other professionals every year. This land is considered to be very rich by educational perspective Where Literacy Rate is up to 82%.

Jinnah College of Engineering is also a good institute in Jampur.

Jampur has one Government Commerce College and Poly Technical College playing an important role in the development of professional education in Jampur. Govt. Vocational Training Institute for Women Jampur also playing an important role in the Professional education and to make technical hand girls and women's & this institute is offered Matric Vocational Course from 2012-13 session (equal to Matric class) affiliated from Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore. The college is located a bit far from the city in the eastern site. It has many private schools and Colleges for education. Jampur has VTI (vocational training institute) which give the free technical education. Al-Kamal Boys High School, Al-Mumtaaz School and Hira School are famous schools in private sector.

Medical Facilities[edit]

  • Jampur has a Tehsil Headquarter Hospital (T.H.Q) and many private clinics where specialized doctors serve. In T.H.Q hospital all medical facilities are available. Two ambulances are also available for emergency measures. There is only one Dental Surgeon working in THQ Hospital Jampur.

Tehsil Headquarter Hospital is also facilitated with Emergency Department which is working 24 hours a day. All the minor emergencies are being handled in this emergency Department.

  • Bodla Medical Store Jampur is the biggest and facilitated pharmacy in Jampur .it provides 24 hours service and provide all facilities to the citizens. it imports all the medicines from the registered companies only and supplies medicines to the other medical stores in the city. it has educated and experienced staff.it is the one and only pharmacy which deals the surgical instruments in the city and provides the citizens with all the facilities. it is the famous medical store in the nearby areas.
  • Owner Details*

Pharmacy Owner:Peer Muhammad Sarwar Bodla

  1. 0333-3716522

license owner :Peer Rasheed Ahmad Bodla

  1. 0334-7008627


Jampur is one of Punjab's most accessible cities and the only city in the country where one can find public and private transportation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This includes public buses, as well as thousands of rickshaws and Taxis. About 75% of residents have their own conveyances mostly bikes. The roads in the city are well maintained and are broadened when needed to meet increasing demand.Jampur have two bypass East bypass and west bypass.

Civil Administration[edit]

Tehsil Jampur has 19 Union Councils namely: Allahabad, Basti Rindan, Bokhara, Burrerywala, Dajal, Hajipur, Harrand, Jampur East, Jampur Gharbi, Kot Tahir, Kotla Dewan, Kotla Mughlan, Muhammad Pur, Noorpur Manjuwala, Noshahera, Tal Shumali, Tatarwala, Tibbi Lundan, Wah Leshari[4]


Jampur city is famous for carvings on pens. People like to give the carved writing pens as gifts to others in the country and abroad as well. It is a classic art invented in Jampur.

Wooden artwork of Jampur is also famous. Jampuri chaarpai is famous for its thick and designed pillars. Jampuri cotton and tobacco crops are also famous throughout Pakistan. Jampur has a large pesticides market which is considered to be the biggest such market in Pakistan.

Flood 2010[edit]

A picture of Jampur city when it was flooded with water of Indus River. This was supposed to be the busiest road of the city.

In August 2010, the half of the Jampur city was flooded away with Indus River. Though the city is about 25km away from the river, but heavy rainfalls in July 2010 caused the high water level in river which destroyed the half of the city and many nearby villages. After one month, in September, the flood water dried but it took many lives with it. Pakistan Army and some NGOs helped the native people of Jampur. In August 2010, Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Shareef surveyed the location and it was said that the current population of just the Jampur city is above 400000 and that of Jampur Tehsil is above 750000. It was designated as the biggest Tehsil of Punjab Province by Area and third biggest Tehsil by Union Councils following Gujjar Khan of Rawalpindi and Kabirwala of Khanewal District. There was no progressive measurement in the city after that which is the result of Land Lord system in the District.


Fertile Land of Jampur

The land of Jampur is very fertile in regard to agriculture. Cotton, and tobacco are the main corps here whereas maize, wheat are also produced in Jampur. Tobacco is generally exported to NWFP to make finest quality of naswar. Most of vegetables are also grown here. Mangoes and dates are common fruits grown in this region.

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