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Jamshed Bharucha
Inaugural Vice Chancellor of SRM University, Andhra Pradesh
Assumed office
July 1, 2018
12th President of The Cooper Union
In office
July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2015
Preceded byGeorge Campbell Jr.
Succeeded byLaura Sparks
7th Provost of Tufts University
In office
July 1, 2002 – July 1, 2011
Preceded bySol Gittleman
Succeeded byPeggy Newell
Personal details
Jamshed Bharucha

1956 (age 62–63)
Mumbai, India
Spouse(s)Jessie Papatolicas[1]
ChildrenArthur Bharucha
MotherElizabeth Bharucha[2]
FatherJal Bharucha[3]
EducationBombay International School
Vassar College (BA)
Yale University (MA)
Harvard University (PhD)

Jamshed Bharucha is the inaugural Vice Chancellor of SRM University, Andhra Pradesh in Amaravati, in the newly planned capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[4]

He previously served as Distinguished Fellow and Research Professor at Dartmouth College, where his research and teaching were focused on education data science.[5] He is President Emeritus of Cooper Union, a college located in Manhattan, New York City,[6][7][8] having served as the 12th President of Cooper Union from July 2011 through June 2015.

Prior to becoming President of Cooper Union, Bharucha was Provost and Senior Vice President[9] of Tufts University and Professor in the Departments of Psychology, Music and in the Medical School's Department of Neuroscience. Prior to Tufts he was the John Wentworth Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences[10][11] at Dartmouth College, where he received the Huntington Teaching Award. His research is in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, focusing on the cognitive and neural basis of the perception of music. He was Editor of the interdisciplinary journal Music Perception[12] and was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

He is a Trustee of Vassar College, where he has chaired the Budget & Finance Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee. He received the Distinguished Achievement Award[13] from the Alumnae & Alumni of Vassar College. Other past and present board service includes: the Board of Managers of SRM University - Amaravati,[14] a new university in Amaravati, the new capital of the State of Andhra Pradesh in India; the Board of Trustees of Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation, which supports Christian Medical College and Hospital, the top private medical school in India; and the Honorary Advisory Board of IIMUN.[15]

Early life and education[edit]

Jamshed Bharucha was born in Mumbai, India. His father Jal Bharucha,[3] a Parsi engineer from Mumbai, and mother Elizabeth Bharucha[2] (born Elizabeth Emily Robinson) a musician from Albany, New York, met at the University of Michigan. Jal Bharucha was the first engineer in India to employ computers in structural design, using an early facility at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in the 1960s. Elizabeth Bharucha was organist and choral director at the Scots Kirk (Church of Saints Andrew & Columba) and the All Saints Church[16] in Mumbai. Jal and Elizabeth were founding members of the Bombay International School,[17] from which Jamshed graduated.

Bharucha graduated from Vassar College where he majored in biopsychology (1978), then received an M.A. in philosophy from Yale University (1979) and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Harvard University (1983). He spent the 1982-83 academic year at Cornell University. At Harvard he worked with Stephen Kosslyn, William K. Estes and Roger Brown.

Bharucha studied violin in Mumbai, received an Associate’s Diploma in violin performance from Trinity College of Music (London) in 1973 and then studied violin at Vassar. He was a member of the Bombay Chamber Orchestra;[18] the Vassar College Orchestra under the direction of Luis Garcia-Renart; the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra performing at Sanders Theatre under the direction of James Yannatos; and the Bach Society Orchestra of Harvard University.

Academic and administrative career[edit]

Dartmouth College[edit]

Bharucha spent most of his academic career at Dartmouth College, where he was the John Wentworth Professor and rose from Associate Dean for the Social Sciences to Deputy Provost to Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.[10][11] He was the first Indian American to be named dean of a school at an Ivy League institution. While in the Dartmouth administration, he established the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center[19] - the first teaching and research MRI facility outside a medical school, accessible to undergraduates, graduate students and faculty. His principal faculty appointment was in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, but he also taught in the Program in Linguistics & Cognitive Science and the Program in Electroacoustic Music (now called Digital Musics).

As an academic administrator, he launched initiatives on teaching and research, as well as their integration in the form of active learning, encouraging undergraduates to get involved in research with their professors.[20][21] After spending 2015-2016 at Harvard, Bharucha was appointed Distinguished Fellow at Dartmouth,[22] where he teaches in two departments: Education and Psychological & Brain Science.[5]

Tufts University[edit]

Bharucha moved from Dartmouth to Tufts in 2002 to assume the position of Provost & Senior Vice President. He was recruited to Tufts by President Lawrence S. Bacow, who later was appointed President of Harvard University.[23] As Provost, Bharucha was the chief academic officer of the university, overseeing the seven schools, the Tisch College, the Institute for Global Leadership, the Fares Center and the Clinical & Translational Research Institute.

Bharucha recruited to Tufts Vali Nasr, Nalini Ambady, Ray Jackendoff, Gina Kuperberg, Mathias Scheutz and Peniel Joseph. During his tenure, the volume of sponsored research doubled, the average number of patents per year from research doubled, and revenues from technology transfer and industrial collaboration increased tenfold.[8][24]

Bharucha launched the Summer Scholars program,[25] which provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work on collaborative research with faculty across the university and its affiliated hospitals. He also launched the University Seminar,[26] a cross-disciplinary course, open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Additions to the campus during his tenure include the Granoff Music Center[27] and the rebuilt Neuroscience Department[28] at the Tufts School of Medicine.

Cooper Union[edit]

Bharucha was appointed as the twelfth president of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art effective July 1, 2011.[29] His tenure at Cooper Union was marked by controversy connected with a financial crisis and tuition protests.[30]

On June 10, 2015, five trustees, supporters of tuition and Bharucha and opponents of the settlement, resigned. The following day, Bharucha announced that he would be stepping down at the end of the month to become a visiting scholar at Harvard University.[31][32][30][33][34][35]

SRM University - Amaravati[edit]

Bharucha has been named the inaugural Vice Chancellor of SRM University, Amaravati, a new university in the newly designed capital city (Amaravati) of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[4]


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Preceded by
George Campbell Jr.
President of Cooper Union
2011 - 2015
Succeeded by
Laura Sparks