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Rt logo.jpg
Developer(s) Rayzoon Technologies
Stable release
3.6.1 (Windows, Mac) / December, 2014
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Type Softsynth
Licence Proprietary
Website www.rayzoon.com/jamstix3

Jamstix is a VST instrument produced by Rayzoon Technologies.


Jamstix combines the features of a drum sample player, arranger and rhythm generator into a single plugin, allowing the user various workflows ranging from manually triggering drum sounds to programming and arranging grooves all the way to having Jamstix create grooves on-the-fly using sophisticated style and human drummer modeling. It can also adjust its playing to the audio or MIDI input for interactive jams.

Jamstix features limb simulation to ensure its output is always humanly playable, freeing the user from painstaking manual editing of MIDI data.[citation needed]


  • VSTi 2.4 compliant virtual instrument with 1 to 17 separate outputs and MIDI-to-host output + MIDI drag-&-drop
  • Internal, expandable drum sample playback engine with adjustable per-sample ambience
  • Can subhost a separate drum VSTi (i.e. EZdrummer, BFD or DFHS)
  • Can mix-&-match its own sounds with a subhosted drum plugin
  • 70 styles and 17 drummers are modeled in-depth in real-time by an A.I. system and not static patterns
  • Limb-centric bar editor allows fine-control over every composed event
  • unlimited parts song arranger stays synced with host and controls repetitions and fills
  • Flexible Input-Output MIDI mapping with velocity translation to match any VSTi key layout and character
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1 – 96 kHz
  • Copy protection: License Key

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