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Gourmaud in 2012

Jamy Gourmaud (born 17 January, 1964) is a journalist well known from the educational TV show C'est Pas Sorcier that he presented with Frédéric Courant and Sabine Quindou and was produced from the channel France 3 on 1993.

French journalist, Jamy Gourmaud was born in Fontenay-le-Comte and graduated from the l'Institut Pratique de Journalisme in 1988. A year later, he traveled the countries of Eastern Europe with his camera to shoot documentaries and news reports including one on maternity wards in Romania which earned him upon his return to France in 1989, the price of the Young Reporter Festival d'Angers. After working in print media and radio, he joined the team of "Fractales" on the channel France 3 in 1992. Since September 1993 he was author and presenter of the science magazine C'est Pas Sorcier. In 1998, he designed and presented the 26' d'arrêt.

Since September 2000 he is also a columnist's on the scientific program "Pourquoi? Comment" on France 3 and decrypts the news on the show Focus. On 2008 Jamy worked with specialists on topics such as memory or sleep and co-presented programs, with Stéphane Bern leLauréat for l’Histoire of the channel France 3 and France 2 in primetime with Tania Young.[1][2][3][4][5]