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Jan Čulík (born November 2, 1952 in Prague) is an independent Czech journalist and academic. He is the founder and editor of the independent Czech Internet daily Britské listy since 1996.


Čulík is a graduate of Czech studies and English studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (1977, PhDr 1978.) In the 1980s, he worked as a television producer in the United Kingdom, making films for Channel 4 Television. He also cooperated with a number of Czech dissident organisations in the West, helping to disseminate information about pre-1989 oppression in Czechoslovakia. Beginning in 1989, Čulík worked as an investigative journalist for the Czech service of Radio Free Europe.

Recent activity[edit]

Čulík is now Senior Lecturer in Czech Studies at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and the author of several publications in this field, including the first detailed study of Czech emigré literature, Books behind the Fence: Czech Literature in Émigré Publishing Houses 1971-1989, and a series of works comprising selections of articles from Britské Listy: Jak Češi Myslí (How Czechs Think), Jak Češi Jednají (How Czechs Act), Jak Češi Bojují (How Czechs Fight) and V Hlavních zprávách: Televize (On the Main News: Television). In November 2007, he published an extensive monograph dealing with post-communist Czech cinema.[1] In November 2012, he published a monograph dealing with the stereotypes disseminated by post-communist Czech feature film A Society in Distress: The Image of the Czech Republic in Contemporary Czech Feature Film, Sussex Academic Press, ISBN 978-1-84519-551-9 [2] and in September 2013 he published, in cooperation with six other international scholars, a monograph entitled National Mythologies in Central European TV Series How J.R. won the Cold War, Sussex Academic Press, ISBN 978-1-84519-596-0 [3]

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