Jan Šrámek

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Jan Šrámek
Jan Šrámek.jpg
Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia in exile
In office
21 July 1940 – 5 April 1945
President Edvard Beneš
Personal details
Born (1870-11-08)8 November 1870
Grygov, Austria-Hungary
Died 22 April 1956(1956-04-22) (aged 86)
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Political party Czechoslovak People's Party
Alma mater Palacký University, Olomouc
Religion Roman Catholicism

Jan Šrámek (November 8, 1870, Grygov, Margraviate of Moravia – April 22, 1956, Prague) was Prime Minister of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile from July 21, 1940 to April 5, 1945. He was the first chairman of the Czechoslovak People's Party[1] and was a Monsignor.[2]

From 1945 on Czechoslovakia was ruled by the Communist-dominated National Front which also included Šrámek's People's Party. Šrámek and his co-partisans worried about the increasing role of the communist party. Since 1947 the popular support for communists started to diminish. In order to consolidate power, communists carried out a coup in February 1948. Mgr. Šrámek had to resign as the chairman of the People's Party. His successor Rostislav Petr, and priest Josef Plojhar, a "strong man" within the People's Party, supported unconditional collaboration with communists.

Mgr. Jan Šrámek died 22 April 1956.


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