Jan August Kisielewski

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Portrait of Jan Kisielewski by Stanisław Wyspiański, 1899

Jan August Kisielewski (Rzeszów, 1876 – 1918, Warsaw), was a Polish writer, essayist and playwright associated with the Young Poland literary movement at the turn of the century. He was the co-founder of a legendary literary cabaret Zielony Balonik in Kraków under the Austrian rule during the final years of the Partitions of Poland. Jan August Kisielewski was a brother of Zygmunt Kisielewski of the Polish Legions in World War I, also a writer.[1][2][3]

Plays by Jan August Kisielewski[edit]

  • Parias (Pariah), 1896 – lost
  • Karykatury (Caricatures), 1898
  • W sieci (In the Net), 1896
  • Ostatnie spotkanie (The Last Meeting), 1896
  • Sonata, 1901
  • Komedia miłości i cnoty (The Comedy of Love and Chastity), 1903 – unfinished

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