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J. M. Burgers
Johannes Martinus Burgers.jpg
Jan Burgers
Born(1895-01-13)January 13, 1895
DiedJune 7, 1981(1981-06-07) (aged 86)
Washington, United States
Alma materUniversity of Leiden
Known forBateman-Burgers equation
Burgers vortex
Burgers material
Burgers vector
AwardsASME Medal (1965)
Otto Laporte Award (1974)
Scientific career
InstitutionsDelft University of Technology
University of Maryland
Doctoral advisorPaul Ehrenfest

Johannes (Jan) Martinus Burgers (January 13, 1895 – June 7, 1981) was a Dutch physicist and the brother of the physicist W. G. Burgers. Burgers studied in Leiden under Paul Ehrenfest, where he obtained his PhD in 1918.[1] He is credited to be the father of Burgers' equation, the Burgers vector in dislocation theory and the Burgers material in viscoelasticity.[2]

Jan Burgers was one of the co-founders of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) in 1946, and was its secretary-general from 1946 until 1952.[3]

In 1931 he became member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, in 1955 he became foreign member.[4]


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