Jan Fischer's Cabinet

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Jan Fischer's Cabinet
Coat of arms of the Czech Republic.svg
17th cabinet of Czech Republic
8 May 2009 - 13 July 2010
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Jan Fischer.JPG
Date formed8 May 2009
Date dissolved13 July 2010
People and organisations
Head of stateVáclav Klaus
Head of governmentJan Fischer
No. of ministers18
Member partyODS
Status in legislatureCoalition
161 / 200 (81%)
Opposition partyKSČM
Outgoing electionCzech legislative election, 2006
Incoming formation2009
Outgoing formation2010
PredecessorMirek Topolánek's Second Cabinet
SuccessorPetr Nečas' Cabinet

The Government of the Czech Republic, led by Prime Minister Jan Fischer, is a caretaker government established after Mirek Topolánek and his government lost confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies. Fischer, an independent statistician, was chosen as non-party candidate for the office of Prime Minister. Government ministers were recommended by Civic Democratic Party, Social Democratic Party and Green Party. Christian Democrats firstly supported the idea of establishing a temporary government until the next legislative election takes place. Jiří Čunek, leader of the Christian Democrats, later announced that his party would not nominate any candidate to this government but was willing to support it if they approve the government's programme. Regardless the decision of the presidium of the party, Miroslav Kalousek, Vlasta Parkanová and four other MPs, declared that they support new cabinet. Overally Civic Democrats nominated 6 Ministers and Prime Minister, Social Democrats 8 Ministers and Greens 2 Ministers.[1]

Jan Fischer was named Prime Minister on 9 April 2009. The rest of his cabinet was named on 8 May 2009. According to the Constitution of the Czech Republic, Fischer and his cabinet have to survive confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies in 30 days. If they fail, President Václav Klaus has to make a new appointment but it may still be Fischer. Fischer should survive the confidence vote because Civic Democratic Party and Social Democratic Party have already declared that they support the government. Jointly they have 155 of 200 votes. Required majority is 101.

Government ministers[edit]

Portfolio Minister Nominated by
Prime Minister Jan Fischer ODS
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jan Kohout ČSSD
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Defence
Martin Barták ODS
Minister for the European Affairs Štefan Füle ČSSD
Juraj Chmiel ODS
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Petr Šimerka ČSSD
Minister of Environment Ladislav Miko SZ
Jan Dusík SZ
Jakub Šebesta ČSSD
Rut Bízková ODS
Minister for Regional Development Rostislav Vondruška ČSSD
Minister of Interior Martin Pecina ČSSD
Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimír Tošovský ČSSD
Minister of Health Dana Jurásková ODS
Minister of Finance Eduard Janota ODS
Minister of Justice Daniela Kovářová ODS
Minister of Transport Gustáv Slamečka ODS
Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Miroslava Kopicová ODS
Minister of Culture Václav Riedlbauch ODS
Minister of Agriculture Jakub Šebesta ČSSD
Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb SZ
Chairman of the Legislative Council Pavel Zářecký ČSSD


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